Streamlining the enrollment process and improving results

AI-assisted proposal

Improved quality of enrollment, considering key factors.

Reserved seats scheduling

Reducing students’ stress and competition for seats

Scalable architecture

Adaptable to dynamic demands to ensure student’s experience satisfaction

Smart schedule proposal

Intelligence models predicting the subjects to be Enrolled by each student, with specific building of schedule offers.

  • Based on artificial intelligence
  • Individual for each student
  • Reserved seats guarantee

Synoptic view of Schedule

Student information in one single view, allowing to Look at the enrollment from different dimensions, simultaneously.

  • Graphic weekly schedule
  • Navigation by periods
  • Details by subject
  • Summary of subjects and credits

Academic progress follow up

Visualization of academic progress and navigation through the study plan, for selection of subject options by semester.

  • Visualization of academic progress
  • Navigation by semester
  • Subjects status

Self-management for the student

Easy adjustment of proposed schedule, with automatic validation and update.

  • To add or remove subjects
  • Change of groups
  • Automatic reservation request

Alerts for student’s guidance

Alerts and notifications, to assist students in their enrollment process, so they comply with institutional guidelines.

  • Different types of alerts
  • Automated notifications
  • Real time

Enrollment and payment in one same operation

The payment module allows the student to review enrollment’s amount, for payment.

  • Consolidated view of financial information
  • Payment preferences
  • Additional services aggregation

Online functionality for students support

Environment designed for institutional support roles, to simulate the online enrollment, allowing changes and exceptions.

  • Management for each student
  • Rule Management
  • Changes history


Elastic infrastructure

Kubernetes-based elastic capacity model.

100% cloud-native

Infrastructure designed for full exploitation of cloud computing capabilities.

SaaS managed by Foris

High availability enrollment service, managed and supported by Foris.

AWS Best Practices

Architects specialized in AWS cloud; partnership since 2017.

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