Efficient Student Success

Empowers university’s data through AI for student characterization, generating early alerts, recommending actions with effective follow-up.


Tailored Academic Services

Customize services through automated student profiling, to provide specific guidance and course recommendations, ensuring achievement of educational goals.

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Data & insights

Transforming institutional data for best utilization.

Task prioritization

Focusing efforts and resources around high-impact strategies.

Proactive assistance

Enabling timely action execution to anticipate and maximize student success.

Holistic perspective

Providing a 360° student view with consolidated information.

Alignment of departments

Connecting the diverse key stakeholders (students, teachers, staff).

Metrics and analytics

Measuring the impact of actions and using results for real time course-correction.

Discover critical variables for student success

It conducts the analysis of data available within the institution, to identify variables impacting on student success.

  • Gathering all information available about students (E.g., change of marital status, commuting time, etc.) and other relevant data. 
  • Identifying multiple variables: academic, financial, personal, vocational and institutional explaining each phenomenon. 
  • Recommending and prioritizing variables with major impact on the analyzed phenomenon.

Student characterization

Identifies the most suitable student characterization model for each university context, with precision and focus on effective preventive actions.

  • Developing models through AI engines to determine the most effective approach for student characterization. 
  • Performing estimates and quantifying comprehensive student characterization, based on specific factors. 
  • Iterating the model as much as necessary, tracking the evolution of student characterization.

Managing alerts

Generating alerts to enable the academic team and focusing their efforts in providing all necessary information to anticipate and perform timely actions.

  • Creates decision trees based on combinations of prioritized variables to generate alerts. 
  • Activates alerts based on the characterization model, identifying the most impactful factor for taking prompt actions. 
  • Facilitates the creation of customized alerts, aligned to specific needs of institution's processes. 
  • Promoting follow-up of each student’s profile, improving the understanding of their behavior (student’s 360° view).

Providing intelligent recommendations for attentions

Offers personalized attention recommendations for each student, based on their own context as well as institutional guidelines, enabling for agile and efficient accompaniment and management, also providing

  • Specific recommendations for each established alert, in accordance with institutional guidelines. 
  • Recommendations integrated to other platforms like Darwin and Albus, facilitating implementation across multiple academic operation areas. 
  • A clear and organized visualization of students under each stakeholder responsible and associated support actions. 
  • Scheduling of attention actions for each student, with consolidation of attentions performed and feedback provided.

Measuring of attention effectiveness

Providing relevant information for continuous measurement, management and improvement of strategies for student success

  • Inclusion of control panel with process statistics (# of attention actions, distributed by type, etc.) to evaluate progress of student success strategies.
  • Facilitating impact assessment for each action, improving decision-making and strategy implementation. 
  • Inclusion of customized reports with student’s information, responsible stakeholder, alert types, attention actions and relevant aspects.


AI engines connected to user interface modules, integrated to the digital ecosystem.

100% cloud native

Infrastructure designed to fully exploit the capabilities of cloud computing.

SaaS managed by Foris

High availability enrollment service, managed and supported by Foris.

AWS best practices

AWS Cloud Architects; partnership since 2017.


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